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  • 【Hospitality】

    Kinranso Hanayama, as a Japanese inn with a new sense not Kinranso Hanayama ryokan, will continue to create impressive experiences in a comfortable space and time, where customers can really heal.

    It is more casual and friendly than the inn.The taste that intermingled the sensitivities of "Yo" with the relaxation of "Wa" is scattered in this facility and service, and it talks to the customer's sight, hearing, taste.

    Enjoy an art-style inn that resonates with your sensibility produced by the “Kinranso Hanayama Project Team”.
  • 【Take akari ( Bamboo light ) Concert】

    The Take-Akari CD Concert held every evening wishes for the recovery of Fukushima, and about 300 candles are lit.We will present the songs selected according to the season's atmosphere with the performance of the Bang & Olufsen machine "Bang & Olufsen".

    Please enjoy the time when the lights spilling from the bamboo object created by the staff of this hotel are reflected in everyone's heart.
  • 【Premium breakfast with only 1 pair (4 people) per day】

    Detox breakfast in the lush greenery on sunny days・・・.  And if it is "the bank of the river side", it seems to be a very very nice time.
    Premium breakfast with only 1 pair (4 people) per day.
    It surely should be 'breakfast that can be the happiest in the world ^ _ - ☆'.

    ※To use the service, an application and a separate fee (¥ 1,000 tax per person) are required.
    ※Please do not use it in case of rain.
    ※The meal content will be western menu.
    ◆Availability period: from about April until it gets cold.
  • 【Lobby lounge full of liberation】

    Lobby lounge of two-story colonnade.The window overlooking the mountain approaching in front takes in the light of the soft sunshine, and the mountain tree approaching the background reflects the color of the four seasons like a screen.
    In the evening, we will present a relaxing lounge with harmony of Japanese and Western, together with the performance of Bang & Olufsen.
  • Outdoor bath "Ogata-no-Yu"

    Pleasant boat with a sense of liberation that feels nature on the skin Shaped boat style open-air bath, healing music is harmonized Harmony between the natural wind and the babbling of the river further enhances the efficacy of the hot spring.
  • Bamboo light dining

    There are no other inns at the inn, dining with light and music production director can not beat the modern restaurant as well.
    I would like you to taste 'Creative course meal' at this place.
  • Meal

    We offer a "creative course dish" recommended to enjoy one dish and 1 item time with an arrangement of dishes incorporating Japanese, French and Italian tastes, and a "Japanese set meal" standard for inn You
  • Room

    Miyabi-kan's guest rooms are undergoing the production of different concept rooms with different themes.Please enjoy plenty of art style playful.(There is also a traditional Japanese room available)
  • yukata・Basket back

    It is pleasant evening that you spend with your matching yukata.
    Lending of basketbags for hot springs is also popular.
  • 【Girls' Group Awards】

    ●For those who booked by women only.

    ●When making a reservation, please declare that you are sure to use benefits.
  • 【To customers with children】

    When traveling with accommodation comes, it is fun for children. Even after becoming memories and becoming bigger I remember them.
    I am pleased that we can help you so that it will be a pleasant trip.

    So we have a favor from the hotel.
    There are many artworks in the facility, and at the night event there is a festival that lights the candle and quietly appreciates the music.
    Running around, touching the work, it is impossible to think that the child is injured, burned, or even troublesome to other customers.
    We are asking for adults accompanying you when you use within the facility.

    Japanese and Western Kaiseki course meals for dinner are prepared and served one by one in order, with a total of about 90 minutes as a guide, but it seems that rarely there may be time to spare when small children are together .
    Kinranso Hanayama, we propose the art of cooking and dining as an art style, so we ask for your understanding and cooperation.

    I am very sorry to inform you in advance that we may refuse the use if there is an inconvenience to other customers or an action that seems to be dangerous if you do not understand the above contents, so beforehand Thank you for your consideration.
    If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our staff in advance.