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Collaboration between "Japanese" and "Yoh" created by Japanese chefs. Kinranso Hanayama original Japanese and Western kaiseki course,
We will propose delicious ingredients related to the season in the most delicious way.
  • Seasonal Japanese and Western kaiseki course

    It takes 1 item and 1 item time in a dining format with creative dishes incorporating Japanese, French and Italian tastes different from traditional inn food
    We will enjoy. (The course will be served for approximately 90 minutes as a guide.)

    A menu of seasonal changes that can be enjoyed in a fantastic space and music, is one of the art styles of this facility.

    It is also recommended for anniversaries such as anniversaries and birthday parties.
  • 2019 Spring Japanese and Western kaiseki course (An example)

    • Spring collection 2019

      Colorful vegetables Bagna cauda, ​​characteristic at homemade sauce

      Spring Carpaccio, Spring spring

      Chowder with clams and cherry shrimp and spring cabbage

      Glitter(Kirameki)Cow・Raw ham・Duck's Viyand

      Chopstick breakfast, "spring"

      Cherry-blossom bowl of bean paste, Springed vegetables served

      Cooking of bamboo shoots and clams

      HANAYAMA DESERT: Matcha milk thick pudding
  • Children's cooking: Hana Temari Zen (meal ) (One case)

    Object: Preschool children

Request Menu

Please request in advance for the request menu due to the convenience of ingredient arrangement.
  • Colorful vegetables bagna cauda

    Salad with plenty of seasonal features and vegetables.The special homemade Bagna cauda sauce is a delicious taste in succession.

    ■2 servings: 1,500 yen (tax excluded)
  • Fukushima Kirameki(Kirameki)beef steak

    Superior first grade meat quality and taste.It is a brand cow that Fukushima born.

    ■1 serving(120 g): 3,000 yen (tax excluded)
  • Popular No.1 bespoke cuisine "Aizu horse sashimi"

    Taste that melts in your mouth! Enjoy the taste of Aizu (an example)
    ※Photos include 4 servings

    ■1 serving(100 g): 1600 yen (tax excluded)
  • Various delicious local sake of Fukushima are also prepared!

    "Liquor sake set" which three kinds of local sake pleasantly enjoyed well.

    ■1 set: 1200 yen (tax excluded)
  • Chief Chef: Hiromitsu Sato


    Please keep safe and secure ingredients and delicious dishes waiting for everyone.