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At kinranso Hanayama you can choose either 'Creative course' or 'Traditional Ryokan Cuisine.'

Both of them will propose delicious ingredients named after the season in the most delicious way.
  • Seasonal Japanese-Waco creative course

    In the dining format, a creative course incorporating Japanese, French and Italian tastes different from the inn's Japanese cuisine, take one product one item over time
    We will enjoy.(The course will be served for approximately 90 minutes as a guide.)

    The seasonal change menu that is wrapped in fantastic space and music, tastes is one of the art style of the hotel.

    It is also recommended for anniversaries such as anniversaries and birthday parties.
  • 2018 Autumn Wagashi Kaiseki course(An example)

    • Autumn collection 2018

      Colorful vegetables Bagna cauda, ​​characteristic at homemade sauce

      Flower making of autumn salmon and flat eyes, carpaccio style

      A Japanese style ahijyo of long onions and autumn swords

      Aizu roast chicken · Broiled barbecue and honey rib

      Autumn taste of pump kids Lasagna style

      Various mushrooms ginger boiled fish rice and Nomako juice

  • Children's cooking: Hana Temari Zen (meal ) (One case)

    Object: Preschool children
  • Traditional inn dishes

Request Menu

Please request in advance for the request menu due to the convenience of ingredient arrangement.
  • Colorful vegetables Bagnagauda

    Salad with plenty of seasonal features and vegetables.The special homemade Bagna cauda sauce is a delicious taste in succession.
  • Fukushima Kirameki(Kirameki)Cow steak

    Superior first grade meat quality and taste.It is a brand cow that Fukushima born.
  • Popular No.1 bespoke cuisine "Frozen horse sashimi"

    Taste that melts in your mouth! Enjoy the taste of Aizu (an example)
  • Various delicious local sake of Fukushima are also prepared!

    "Liquor sake set" which three kinds of local sake will enjoy is also popular (extra charge)
  • Chief Chef: Hirozo Sato


    Please keep safe and secure ingredients and delicious dishes waiting for everyone.