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Guide within facilities

◆◇◆There are places where you can use the stairs in the facility◆◇◆

※Approach to the first floor big bathhouse is only stairs.Please note in particular the elderly and disabled customers.
Kinranso Hanayama, you can also use it according to your scene.

Facility detail information

Internet related

All rooms available
[Connection method]Public wireless LAN

Free Wi-Fi is available in all rooms and facilities.
Available with your smart phone, tablet and wi-fi equipped device.
Regarding connection setting etc. we ask you by your own setting.

The network name and password are as follows.
Network name:kinranso-guest
Because public networks do not provide security, network traffic is exposed to the outside.In case you are worried, please prepare your own VPN etc.

Facility content

Banquet rooms(Toll:Reservation required) / Dining Hall(Private rooms charged:Reservation required) / Karaoke facility(Toll:Reservation required)