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Guide within facilities

◆◇◆There are places where you can use the stairs in the facility◆◇◆

※Approach to the first floor big bathhouse is only stairs.Please be especially careful for elderly and foot disabled customers.
Kinranso Hanayama, you can also use it according to your scene.
  • Convention Hall

    Convention halls accommodating about 60 people can be used for general meetings and workshops.
    There is a round table on the front and you can use 2 way.
  • Convention Hall:Round table

    The round table portion is available for a maximum of 24 people.
  • Izakaya Ranran

    Commonly known as "Izakaya Ranran", they are also a pub doubling as a dumpling and after-hours are also pleasant.
    (Please check in advance before using for irregular business.)

  • Karaoke room【Mountain range】

    It accommodates about 30 people.We will receive it at the full reservation system.
    ※Please use the room self-service.
  • Souvenir shop "Yaezakura (Double-Flowered Cherry Tree)"

    We gathered local artworks from folk crafts to confectionery.
  • Private Room

    Recommended for dinner in groups Modern private venue with vivid color.
    (Reservation required, please check in advance.)
  • Meal style:Convention Hall(Long face-to-face expression)

    In the convention hall "Kinran", you can choose the dinner style according to the application.
  • Meal style:Convention Hall(Island type)

    We will correspond extensively to the dinner together in large numbers.

Facility detail information

Internet related

All rooms available
[Connection method]Public wireless LAN
[PC rental]No
[Internet connection]Free

Facility content

Banquet rooms(Toll:Reservation required) / Dining Hall(Private rooms charged:Reservation required) / Karaoke facility(Toll:Reservation required)